Pepperoni kale omelette

Hello folks, I’m back with another easy recipe. Since the cold is coming in and there won’t be any travel for me soon, I’m gonna fill this blog with tons of food posts. So beware, people. I feel like I should write a very detailed post about traveling in Skåne as well since I was all over the place around this region and there are definitely some helpful tips about transportation, worthy destinations, camping and hiking, ect that I would like to share with you guys. But I’ll save it for next summer, because who in their right mind would go here around this time of the year? Not me duh. Now is the time to get cozy inside, make myself a cup of tea, light up some scented candles, cuddle with cat or any living thing that is around me, get excited about Christmas (already!) and binge on Chilling Adventures of Sabrina on Netflix. I know the trend right now is The Haunting of Hill House but I’m a bit shy from it after seeing those headlines claiming that this series has people throw up so erm.. gotta get warmed up with something else first. Plus, the Sabrina series reminds me of my childhood watching Sabrina the Teenage Witch, which I used to sit in front of the telly at exactly 6pm everyday eagerly waiting for. Happy memories!

October to many people is the month of pumpkin and Halloween, but to me it is also the month of kale. I was so happy to browse around my local farmers market and found piles of fresh kale on top of one of the stalls. These curly nutty greens are now dominating my fridge, like literally, they take up so much space! However that fact doesn’t bother me a lot since I LOVEEE kale. Great in smoothies, great in soup, in stir-fry and in omelette! Honestly I can eat kale omelette for breakfast everyday, or even lunch and dinner. That is how obsessed I am with kale. The omelette recipe that I’m gonna share with you today is extremely simple - only with 3 ingredients - that you can whip up in literally less than 15 mins! Simple, tasty, easy to make and perfect for low-carb diet, what could be better than that?

Irregular pieces of pepperoni because I hand-cut it from a giant-ass sausage.

Irregular pieces of pepperoni because I hand-cut it from a giant-ass sausage.

Pepperoni Kale Omelette

Super quick 3-ingredient omelette to start your day with

Makes: 1 serving

 Pepperoni Kale Omelette

Prep time:

Cook time:


  • A handful of leafy kale chopped
  • 2 eggs
  • 6-7 slices of pepperoni, enough to cover your omelette up like a pizza

  1. Stir fry the kale with a bit of oil at high heat. Cook until kale softened and charred just a little bit. This will enhance the kale’s nutty flavor and I promise it won’t taste burned.
  2. Throw in your pepperoni a minute before the kale is done to get some of that delicious fat out to the greens.
  3. In a bowl beat 2 eggs, season with salt and pepper then mix in with your stir-fried kale and pepperoni.
  4. Lightly oil the pan again then pour the egg mixture evenly onto the pan at low-medium heat. If you like your omelette wet like I do, fry it until the bottom turns golden brown and serve. If you like your egg more done, you could cover the pan with a lid so that the top gets cooked by steam. Or you can just simply flip it and get both sides charred up. I find that flipping makes it nuttier but then there’s a risk of drying out your omelette so better keep a close eye.